Each kWh produced with a RA module means avoiding the emission of about 700 grams of CO2, as well as other gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Take advantage of nature power and get electricity, hot water and heating without polluting. With the RA modules you will produce clean energy.


Standing out for its thermal potential, the hybrid thermo-photovoltaic panel was chosen by the Scientific Committee of the Expocomfort / Next Energy Exhibit as a product of excellence in the "Efficiency and Innovation Path 2012" competition, running for the Energy Class A 2012 recognition. Such a reward is dedicated to those technologies which ensure the best energy efficiency by pursuing integration between building and renewable energy plants.

In the hybrid solar panel , the photovoltaic and thermal technologies interact and exchange:the photovoltaic system absorbs the solar radiation, while the thermal heat that cannot be stored is collected by an exchanger which increases electrical production and exploits the panel wasted energy.


RA hybrid panels are designed to last over time and have a unique product reliability.

A PV system average life-span is 25/30 years and is exposed to all weather conditions (high and low temperatures, humidity, pressure, dirt).

Photovoltaic cogeneration has significantly increased the plant life-span by over 20% higher than traditional polycrystalline modules.

During summer time, when solar modules reach temperatures close to 60°C, the panel benefits of the heat both to heat water and to cool part of the cell. By doing so, the energy yield is optimized and the plant longer lasting life guaranteed.

This means greater independence from the national electricity provider, thus saving on bills and having clean energy.