The Kit PV part includes: 
  • Ra Hybrid solar modules
  • 40x40 Al 6060 chassis
  • 4 Stainless steel screws and 4 stainless steel connections per module
  • ABB inverters with circuit breaker
  • Control panel with protection
  • Electronic digital control unit for electric and hydraulic system monitoring
  • Solar cables 50 metres of 6 mm²
  • MC3 special connectors
  • AC side control board (+ 15Kw and over interface)

The kit thermal part includes: 
  • 300/500 Lt CORDIVARI double serpentine boiler with:
  • Brass valves
  • Motorized diverter valve
  • High efficiency circulator
  • 102 pcs brass fittings assembled and tested
  • Expansion vessel
  • Innovative UVC LED system (Ultraviolet) with 275 Nanometers for water purification
  • Priority automatic control system to increase hot water production
  • High precision electronic thermostat
  • Temperature control instrumentation with 7 dedicated thermometers, together with the electronic control unit

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