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The RA modules, the result of a 20 years-long research and testing, are special hybrid modules, photovoltaic and thermal together, unique and different from all the others. They convert the energy of the sun to simultaneously produce electrical and thermal energy in the same space.


The THERMOPHOTOVOLTAIC (PVT) is an innovative system which produces electrical and thermal energy (heating and hot water) from a single plant through PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) and THERMAL hybrid panels.

On the outside hybrid solar panels and traditional photovoltaic panels may look similar, but the heart of the difference lies in a completely innovative structure.

The RA hybrid module is the result of a decade-long research, protected by several international patents. It is a special hybrid module, unique in its kind, capable of converting the energy of the sun to produce, simultaneously and in the same space, both electric and thermal energy.


A traditional photovoltaic module is able to convert into electrical energy only a small portion of solar radiation. The remaining energy is partly dispersed in the environment and partly trapped in the cell, increasing its temperature with consequent loss of efficiency conversion.  

Hybrid solar panels, on the other hand, trap the excess heat in a fluid that cools down the cells, thus increasing electrical energy production and delivering thermal energy (heat) anywhere needed. The heated fluid can be used in many ways in residential or industrial environments.

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The RA hybrid module, unlike all others hybrid modules, has water passing through it thus allowing the cooled cells to produce more electrical and thermal energy.

At the same time the cells heat is trapped and through a heat pump produces hot water and heating for cast iron radiators, fan coils, underfloor heating. If supported by a heat pump, the panel’s performance coefficient increases considerably.